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11135 Weddington St. #113, North Hollywood, CA 91601(818) 824-4091 info@lusciousmaven.com10:00 AM - 10:00 PM


Heather West is an expert in the art of feminine luscious-ness.

Heather is the founder of Luscious Maven Pole Dance studio, as well as an educator, therapist, performance artist, yogi, athlete, pole dance instructor and business maven.  Heather’s pole dance classes are a powerful path for teaching women how to celebrate their beautiful bodies and to master their personal feminine energy.

Heather has been education specialist for over 15 years.  From children with special needs, to coaching, to yoga, to pole dance, she has a gift for helping students rise to their highest potential.  From 1999 – 2003, Heather studied and did field work at UCLA, graduating with a degree in Psychology.

In 2001, she started taking yoga classes.   Yoga transformed her relationship to fitness and became her best method of alleviating physical and emotional stress.  Through her yoga practice, she discovered her natural flexibility and the joy of a non-competitive fitness environment.  At this time, she started to explore the spiritual roots of yoga, mediation and the possibility of movement and dance for healing the body and mind.

At the same time, Heather began to explore the underground dance and music scene in Los Angeles.  From drum circles, to fire dancing, to Burning Man, she was inspired by the spontaneous and primal dance explosions she experienced on the dance floor.  In these uninhibited and experimental spaces, she began to find her passion for dancing, true body confidence and flow.

In 2004, after graduating from UCLA, Heather started working as a behavior therapist for children diagnosed with autism.   One of the greatest challenges for children with autism is creating social connection.  Under the guidance of supervisors, Heather began to experiment with music, rhythm, dance and poetry as an effective method to help her clients “sync” with their own bodies as well as other people.

Meanwhile, Heather continued to search intensely for the ultimate dance flow experiences.  A friend introduced her to exotic dance clubs and she was stunned by the beauty of the women who were pole dancing on stage.   This moment changed everything.   Heather recognized pole dancing was her ultimate ideal: a luscious combination of flow, personal style, flexibility, creativity, powerful femininity and erotic beauty.   At that moment she was determined to make this dance style her own and she jumped in to performing as an exotic dancer.

Over the next 2 years, Heather expanded her knowledge, traveling to Bali and India to study the traditional dances, as well as completing her yoga teacher training with Shiva Rea.    She also studies modern dance, choreography, belly dance and fire dance during this time.   Heather started teaching yoga in early 2006, but quickly realized that something was missing.   It was soon after this that she realized Shelia Kelly was successfully running a full pole dance studio.  A light went off!  Heather immediately knew her calling was to teach pole dance and she began to develop a program, teaching one class a week in March of 2006.

From the very first classes, Heather witnessed the transformative power of pole dancing, for her students as well as herself.   The unbridled, erotic and uniquely feminine nature of pole dancing is quite simply good medicine for the body, mind and spirit of the modern woman.   Pole dancing offers a space for uninhibited exploration of the body and movement.    She worked to create a pole dance environment free of negative judgments about body image or sexuality.   She used the pole dance class as a space to share the best of what she had to offer in educating women about physical and emotional well being.  Most of all, her pole dance classes became a sanctuary of FLOW, allowing women the space and time to slow down and deeply feel the music, their bodies and their inspiration.

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Heather West owner and Founder of Luscious Maven Pole Dance Studio