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11135 Weddington St. #113, North Hollywood, CA 91601(818) 824-4091 info@lusciousmaven.com10:00 AM - 10:00 PM


Meet Our Instructors

Heather West

Instructor & Founder of Luscious Maven


  • River by Bishop Briggs
  • Voodoo by Godsmack
  • Warrior by Lowriderz


  • hot kisses
  • deep massages
  • a woman who dances from her soul

“Well behaved women seldom make history.”









Portrait of Jen Piper from Luscious Maven

Jen Piper

Pole Dance Choreo Instructor
everything by Lady Gaga
80’s Music
Led Zeppelin

Kristen Wiig
Julie Andrews
Marilyn Monroe

lounging while sipping Barolo and eating cheese and bread
getting a massage
entertaining people


“You only live once; but, if you do it right, once is enough.” – Mae West




Veronika Pole

Pole Instructor and Competition Coach


  • almost any song by Rihanna
  • Electronic Dance Music (EDM)
  • songs with serious drums & bass lines


  • ALL of my students
  • Nancy Meyers (writer/director)
  • Marlo Fisken (pole athlete)


  • sunshine & palm trees
  • a great pedicure (with glitter of course!)
  • learning & teaching

“Dance enables you to find yourself and lose yourself at the same time.”



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Monica Kay

Pole Dance Instructor

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Ching Lee

Pole Dance Instructor

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Brian Wolf

Pole Dance Instructor

Brian’s pole style is a combination of strength and sexy bad ass-ery. He loves the creativity and diversity within the sport. He is inspired by performers who allow their personality to shine through their art. His goal as an instructor is to encourage students to push themselves in all areas of dance and performance, while modifying his approach for each student. He is a certified Pole Moves instructor.




Brian is a national pole champion, his titles include:

2017 Finalist in Alex Shchukin Pole Championship

2016 Pacific Pole Men’s Professional Champion

2016 National Aerial Pole Art Men’s Champion, Most Artistic, Most Creative

2016 PSO Nationals People’s Choice Award

2016 First Ever Mr.Pole Dance America

Pole Idols: Veronika Pole, Nadia Sharif, Brynn Route, Sasja Lee, Olga Koda, Marlo Fisken, Sasha Meow, Alyona Amber, Chris Talbot, Monika Ell, Adam Lin

Favorite Music/Artists: Rihanna all day every day. She is my EVERYTHING in this world



Tempest Rae

Pole Dance Instructor

Pole dancing allows me to integrate all disciplines of movement and theatrics that I have studied over the years. As a child, I was a competitive gymnast, then moved into figure skating, and eventually took up tap, ballet, jazz, and modern (specifically Lester Horton technique) during high school and college because I thought I wanted to pursue professional musical theatre. After moving to Los Angeles, however, reality sunk in and I found myself working a 70-hour-a-week day job which stymied all physical activity and started driving me crazy. And working out at a normal gym felt like I was going from one hamster wheel to the other; I really missed dancing and performing! My first foray into aerial was with Spanish Web, but I stopped after only a few classes because I sprained my ankle (NOT aerial related). A year later, I purchased a Groupon for pole dancing classes with a friend, and I IMMEDIATELY fell in love! Six months later, I decided that I wanted to compete in PPC, which takes place right here in Los Angeles every spring. Five years later, I love it even more now than I did then because I’m constantly expanding my creativity!

I think to answer this question, I have to look at how I’ve grown (and continue to grow) as a student. My personal goals have evolved TREMENDOUSLY over the past five years. When I started, I really wanted to be able to do cool tricks and feel confident in my body. After I had tricks in my tool belt, I felt good enough about my abilities to integrate more grounded floor work and fluidity into my style. Bridging the gap between floor and aerial is one of the biggest hurdles for most pole dancers, stylistically as well as technically. I believe students should use their floor work as a way of building strength to take things up in the air. The pole apparatus is simply the mechanism by which we convert cool shapes from the floor to the ceiling, so there is much to be learned on the ground first. Proper technique in the beginner classes is paramount to safe, efficient movement and something I take very seriously when training students. I’m not only teaching students new movement, I’m also teaching them DEFENSIVE dancing so that if something goes wrong in the air, they know the safest (and sexiest!) way to complete the combination.

My teaching style is, honestly, kind of a comedy hour. I have a day job in entertainment, so that’s exactly what I like to bring to the table in my classes! Pole is very difficult and painful when you’re breaking your body in, so joking around is a way of helping students relax and laugh through the pain! I also have a bit of a sailor’s mouth, so it’s one part swearing, two parts comedy, a bucketful of strength training, and a healthy dose of sexy.


B.A. in Theatre from Washington University

Pole Moves certified instructor

Pole Awards

PPC 2014: 1st Place – Level 3 Championship Senior

Nationals 2014: 1st Place – Level 3 Entertainment Senior