11135 Weddington St. #113, North Hollywood, CA 91601(818) 824-4091 info@lusciousmaven.com10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
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11135 Weddington St. #113, North Hollywood, CA 91601(818) 824-4091 info@lusciousmaven.com10:00 AM - 10:00 PM


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Everyone Loves Luscious Maven Pole Dance Studio


Testimonial from Samantha L. in Los Angeles, CA

I have been coming here since June 2011. And since day one, I love this place! I love all the instructors and the positive environment. This place makes you feel amazing and accomplished when you learn and master new tricks or moves! Every single instructor is genuinely passionate about what they teach and about helping their students learn. The studio has multiple classes everyday of the week. They even have classes as late as 9pm; which is great for me since I work as late as 8pm some nights. They also have open pole where you can just practice on your own! I usually book my classes ahead of time, but sometimes when I have last minute free time I can give them a call and if there’s an open spot, they add me on the roster. This is also helpful when I am not sure when I get off work so I don’t risk booking a class and having to cancel last minute. But they keep their class sizes small so the instructors can give every student enough attention. Street parking on Weddington is plentiful during the daytime classes. During evening classes, I park in the guest parking lot on Chandler (unless I find street parking on Weddington). I think you can park in the retail parking (parking lot next to the studio) but you have to pay.

Testimonial from Stacey J. in Reseda, CA

Can I give this place more stars? I have been going for about a year now and I still love it. I still see progress everyday thanks to Heather and Selenia. I have tried most of the pole studios in town and at this point I am done. Even when I see a groupon at another studio .. I am done looking and trying new places.

Testimonial from Megan E. in Chatsworth, CA

A love this studio!! I have been part of the showgirls performance series and really don’t think I would be able to perform burlesque if not for the opportunity Luscious Maven gave me, and the amazing community they are creating for us spotlight craving divas. I also can not say enough about Alikat Rose, the showgirls teacher. She not only creates amazing and innovative burlesque routines but as an intermediate dancer, I feel I have grown so much and now have a few shows under my belt as well as the honor of being in a new burlesque troupe. The family we have here is always growing with members and love. :) Thank you Heather and Ali!

Testimonial from Padme C. in Pasadena, CA

Confidence is key to attaining your full potential when performing and learning spins/moves. This place definitely with its small classes and motivating teachers have helped boost my confidence and courage.

Testimonial from Julianne V. in Valley Village, CA

I’ve been a DEVOTED student to this studio and here are my TOP reasons why (I’ll TRY to keep it short):

GREAT TEACHERS – Each instructor, especially Heather, is very talented and knowledgeable.  They are patient – going thru each move, step-by-step; they are understanding – fully aware that each student learn at different paces; they sincerely ask for our input so they can incorporate what we like and hope to achieve in their teaching.  And of course, they are very nice (always smiling) and friendly, sincere, fun-loving, quirky, spunky, all of whom are very inspiring :)

CLASS STRUCTURE AND TIME – Each class starts with a 15-20 min warm-up (similar to power yoga) which is really helpful in limbering up each student, preparing them for the actual pole moves.  There are  6 poles and at most, 10 students per class.  One pole for the teacher and the rest to be rotated by the students.  Because the class is 75 min long…there’s plenty of time to practice and rest.

CLASS CONTENT – There are SO many moves to be learned in pole!  With LM, each level includes moves that range in difficulty, preparing students for the next level.  I am currently Level 3 (intermediate) and it’s definitely challenging.  We definitely get airborne and work with gravity, increasing our strength each time.  Very challenging but definitely FUN.  Level 2 is just as great because we dance and learn many sexy spins and combos, that again, help prepare for future, more difficult spins.  Another favorite of mine is that sometimes we freestyle, where we can become creative while practicing what we have learned.

PARKING – What can I say?  Parking is pretty easy :)  The only thing that might even be considered somewhat of an issue would be the main parking lot, which tend to get really full, only because there’s plenty of eateries in the same complex and the newly added 24 Hour Fitness Super Sport Gym.  Again, there are plenty of other parking :)  The teachers are very informative 😉

COOL STUDIO – Very, very clean studio!!  It’s definitely a big plus coming out of class feeling accomplished and NOT covered in dirt, given that we barely wear anything and we’re on the floor many times.  There’s also a store/waiting area as well as a kitchen, used mainly for pole parties, which I have yet to attend!  Also, tons of mirrors, high ceilings and dim lighting for a sexy, private ambiance.

**LAST AND MOST IMPORTANT – THE LASTING BENEFITS – So why do I keep coming to this studio?  Let’s face it.  I walk into the studio, all stressed out and tired from the daily realities of our normally unexciting life BUT after each class, I feel more empowered, STRESS FREE and accomplished.  After a few classes, I feel more flexible, more toned and stronger, confident and s-e-x-y…Maybe one lucky day, my husband will get to see what I’ve learned… 😛