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11135 Weddington St. #113, North Hollywood, CA 91601(818) 824-4091 info@lusciousmaven.com10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

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We have classes to for all skill levels from Pole Virgin to Pole Acrobat! Our studio offers a unique selection of classes that will suit your style. From sensual and sexy to intense fitness conditioning, we have you covered.

Each of our instructors brings a unique flavor to her class. Click here to learn more about our instructors.

After you move up the Pole Class Levels, you are welcome to go back and review a lower level. We encourage students to move through the class levels at their own pace. Please consult with your instructor before moving up to the next level.


An All Levels class will start with basic skills and then build into more challenging tricks and technique.  Everyone from beginner to advanced students can benefit from this class.


POLE 101 – Foundation for First Time Students

Pole 101 is your first pole dance class! This class is open exclusively to first time students, and class size is limited to 9 people to guarantee individual attention and maximize comprehension as you learn the art of pole. You will receive an introduction to pole dance techniques including simple poses, grips, and proper muscular support that will facilitate basic spins and dance flow as you continue to grow as a dancer.


This class is ideal for students who are new to pole dancing. Students of all body types, ages and fitness levels are invited to begin their pole journey in our Level 1 classes. Experience sexy floor work, pole poses, and basic spins. Learn how to create a flow of energy between the movements. We cover pole safety, which includes proper stretching, hand positioning, posture and movement control. New students should take at least five Pole Level 1 classes before progressing to Level 2.

This class covers:

  • Basic Body Movement – walking, hip sway, hip circles
  • Sensual Movement – basic elements of exotic dance
  • Stiletto Training – we will teach you how to rock 6″ heels!
  • Pole Poses – cricket, peekaboo, pole goddess
  • Basic Spins – Knee-Hugger, Fireman, Tango, & Crazy Diamond
  • Combinations – putting it all together



This class is designed for students who have attended at least 10 pole dance classes and/or have some dance experience. In Level 2 we learn floor and pole transitions, pole combos and dynamic spins. We start to build the technique, flexibility and strength for climbing and inversions.

This class covers:

  • Spins – MIni Spin, Sunwheel, Reverse Sunwheel, Chair Spin, Juliet, Tinkerbell & Peterpan
  • One Hand Spins – Stiletto Grab, Swan & One Hand variations of basic spins
  • Combo Spins
  • Pole Lifts
  • Fan Kicks
  • Basic Climbing Technique
  • Split Grip Moves
  • Pole Sit
  • Cradle Holds



This class is designed for students who have attended at least 10 consecutive Level 2 classes, with a solid understanding of Level 2 spins.  This class is the bridge that will help students transition to Level 3. For flexibility training, we are beginning to explore splits, backbends, hip flexor and shoulder opening.  This class covers one-handed spins and aerial spin combos. We will gradually incorporate pole climbing, aerial pole holds & basic inversions.  Students will learn to control their assent and decent from Froggy Back, Straddle Back & Simple Inverts.  Students will also learn to dismount safely to prepare for more advanced level 3 moves. We are starting to develop clean lines and control in all moves and tricks.  This class will also give you an introduction to elements of spin pole.



In this class we focus on developing strength, stamina, and control for aerial pole moves. We also create challenging aerial pole combos. Be ready to amaze yourself as you learn to defy gravity!  In Level 3 we go deeper into flexibility training – working on front splits, center splits, back bends and deep hip & shoulder opening.  We want to establish strength, control and clean lines in all of our tricks.  We learn the key holds and grips for aerial tricks and combos.  This includes, but is not limited to, aerial inversions, outside & inside leg hangs, aerial split grip holds, cradle holds, superman, shoulder mounts, butterfly, lay backs, pole handstands, ayesha holds, safe dismounts & spin pole technique. This class is designed for students who have had at least 20 consecutive Level 2 or Level 2/3 classes.  Students should have solid climbing technique and inverts.

This class covers:

  • Intermediate Pole Climbing Technique – sit climbs, circus climbs, side climbs and more
  • Intermediate Inversion Technique – basic invert straddle back, shoulder mounts, leg holds, playbacks
  • Handstands
  • Inverted Tuck and Pike
  • Jade Split
  • Super Girl
  • Reverse Pole Pounce
  • Ayesha
  • Butterfly combos
  • Star Reach & Cupid
  • Intro to Hand Springs
  • Spinning Pole Technique

…and more!



This class is designed for students who have taken at least 20 consecutive Level 3 classes.  In this class, you will develop confidence with intermediate and advanced pole tricks and combos on both spin and static poles. We will develop solid aerial combos, safe dismounts, clean lines and deep flexibility.  Pre-Requisites for this class include an aerial invert, outside and inside leg holds.

This class covers:

  • Grip & Holds for Spin Pole
  • Climbing and Inversion for Spin Pole
  • Leg hold combos
  • Ballerina combos
  • Shoulder Mount Combos
  • Cupid combos
  • Jade Split combos
  • Allegra
  • Pole Split combos
  • Ayesha combos
  • Brass Monkey combos

…And more!



This class is designed for students who have at least 30 consecutive Level 3 or Level 3/4 classes.  Experienced pole dancers are invited to join this upward bound pole class. In this class, we defy gravity as we develop an athletic and graceful flow of advanced pole tricks & transitions. This class covers the most advanced techniques in flexibility, strength training and aerial maneuvers.

Please consult with instructors to see if you qualify for this class.



Kick up your cardio with this intense and sexy workout. Exotic dance focuses on the art of sensuality and seductive body movement. Learn the hottest moves on and off the pole – the entire studio becomes our playground as we take it from the floor, to the wall, to the poles and back to the floor.

We develop our skills with hip movement, leg teases, body rolls, shoulder rolls, slides, sweeps, booty poppin’, pole work, footwork and more! This class will tone your abs, thighs, gluts, arms and back. Watch out…the workout sneaks up on you while you’re having fun!

This class is designed for all ages and skill levels. Students are encouraged to dress in something fun and flirty.

*Students are required to have kneepads, leg warmers and stilettos for this class. These items are available for purchase at the studio.



This is an open studio session for personal dance practice and rehearsals.  All fitness and skill levels welcome.  There is no instruction offered during open pole.